“Mental Health Care Administration and Payment Plan” | Homework Help

1, Evaluate the likelihood that mental health institutions, overall, may maintain their financial status through sustained growth. Critique the primary types of mental health care available in the U.S. Assess the efficacy of the use of public resources by mental health institutions to fund the problems of an aging population.


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“Mental Health Care Administration and Payment Plan” | Homework Help
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2, Infer the potential issues that may become apparent when evaluating the pragmatism of treating elderly mental patients. Imagine you are an administrator in a small, rural mental facility, and you are dealing with a growing trend in mental illnesses in your community. Outline a plan to assess the overall state of your mental patients. Predict the major problems that you may encounter that are typical of patients being admitted to the smaller hospital, and predict the primary restrictions that these major problems pose on future long-term care at your facility.


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